Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Study of Survival Scopes of OpenEMR

The healthcare segment is witnessing latest technological improvements with each new day. Managing and accessing healthcare or medical data through electronic source has long been is real practice. However, technology has not stopped there. There have been lots of technical advancements with applications, update procedures, improvement from web based servers to cloud based servers etc. Among various EMR software open source electronic medical records applications OpenEMR is a popular one.

A glimpse at OpenEMR

OpenEMR is an open source and free medical practice management application. This application also provides comprehensive support to Electronic medical Records (EMR). The application is compatible to run MAC OS X, Windows, Linux and other popular platforms. With a completely in built EMR software system integrated with the application this medical management application can be used extensively for other miscellaneous purposes like electronic billing and scheduling. This application is used broadly in the medical platform since it quite extensively featured besides being ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certified.  
The application is backed up with continuous efforts of globalization as well as localization in different languages. Therefore making it available in multiple languages will increase the use and demand for the application to a great extent. Besides that support for the application can be fetched from various forums, absolutely free.

Records about the popularity of OpenEMR

The recent news release published by OpenEMR unveiled the popularity and demand of this open source electronic media records or EMR software. The news release revealed the number of downloads and patients who are being influenced by the systems. The figures revealed in a study in 2012 are overwhelming. Apart from 198,042 downloads from a particular application downloading site SourceForge. Apart from this, there were more that 210,000 download recorded from other sources within USA itself. However, according to OEMR their survey reveal that only 35% of their users are from US. According to conservative opinion more than 45,000 practitioners treating and interacting with almost 90 million patients are using this application. At the same time Dr Bowen disagrees with the opinion from the conservatives and says that the count may be almost double in reality with almost 100,000 practitioners and 200 million patients who directly and indirectly using the application.

Chances of OpenEMR survival

According to the survey details there are millions of beneficiary of the OpenEMR application. Though the user figure may be relatively smaller compared to other EMR software, the user count directs to a bright and prospective future of the OpenEMR system. It is true that it might lack of members in OpenEMR community but the numbers may definitely increase with the increase of user globally.

Therefore it can be expected that in future with more usage and development in OpenEMR there will be a more potential market for the application. This EMR software will also witness more advancements and technical developments which will again attract more interested users across the globe. Already many practitioners are using the application efficiently and many patients are being benefited with the application and we can hope that the numbers will increase with time.